Duration Info : 15 – 20 hrs
   Class Size : – 10
  Age : 4 – 8
 Price :

– After school & Weekend  ฿8,000 / Course (10 Classes)
– 5 days Camp ฿8,000 / Course (Monday – Friday 10.30-15.30)

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***Voucher can use for any course except Summer Camp and Workshop


Children learn how to process and express their ideas through music, art and role-plays. The class is taught in fun and happy environment by our expert teachers who give children freedom to think and encourage creativity in classrooms.

– Sing along, discuss the lyrics and then flex their creative muscles by writing their own version of the songs
– Draw up their imagination! Learn how to draw, how to use water color and how to organize a Concept Board
– Learn about each character and how to design a character to fit in their stories.
– Learn how to put their thoughts and ideas on to Storyboard, which helps children visualize what is possible with their creativity.
– Dramatic and Role-plays – Children will have fun stepping into their world of imagination by adopting a role, using their voice and facial expression. Most fun of all, they get to be a director of their own story!
– Take ownership of their works! Present, perform and direct each project.


  • Music for creativity and inspiration
  • Sketch ideas and Concept board
  • Artistic skill (Painting, Drawing, Claywork)
  • The Art of storytelling
  • Storyboard creating
  • Directing and Acting